Madison County Farmers & Artisans Market - Saturdays 9:00am - 1:00pm
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Meet the Vendors

Find out about the folks under the tents, and what makes them gather each Saturday morning, rain or shine.

Angel Ridge FarmBee Tree FarmShady Place FarmCorners Knob FarmRoot Bottom Farm • Appleberry Cove FarmLeaning Willow Farm Notorious Coffee Roasting CompanyLong Valley FarmMackey FarmsSunset Valley FarmSweet Betty Bee’s Honey & HiveThree Graces Dairy R Mountain Farm April’s Handmade ItemsMaple Hill Farm Mountain Country Cookies and BreadsMeadow Cove Farm

Angel Ridge Farm

In operation since 1997, Angel Ridge Farm is located in the Beech Glen area of Mars Hill, NC. We offer a rainbow of vegetables, including beans, winter and summer squash, eggplant, and more varieties of tomatoes than you knew existed. All produce is grown without use of petrochemical-derived fertilizers or pesticides. On the furry side, Angel Ridge raises pygmy and pygora goats, and offers handspun yarns and other fiber products throughout the year. Spinning and knitting lessons are also available. Contact us at or or 828-680-0677.

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Bee Tree Farm – Ron Gagliano, Managing Director
Bee Tree Farm and Vineyard is located in Madison County, NC. We specialize in a variety of pestos, ranging from traditional Italian pine-nut/basil pesto to specialty pestos made from our own spring greens. We also offer Italian tomato sauces, preserves, cobblers and dessert breads. Our herbs, vegetables and fruits have been grown without use of petrochemical derivatives for over 15 years. You can visit Bee Tree Farm during ASAP’s annual farm tour. Contact us at or

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Shady Place Farm

young girl bottle feeding calfpicture of mt. farm landpicture of cow in the fieldLogo for shady place farm

Shady Place Farm has deep roots and they keep getting deeper!  Neal worked the farm beside his grandfather and his father when the farm was a full-scale dairy farm.  Over time the dairy cattle were replaced with primarily Black Angus beef cattle.  All the while attention was given to excellent husbandry practices with the herd and good stewardship practices with the land.  The daily operations are performed by Neal and Ava.  And the fourth generation of Morgan’s, sons Eli and Nathanael, actively share the love and work of farming.  Daughter-in-laws Kinsey and Kaytlin can be found helping out with various aspects of the farm,too.  You may also find Neal’s father, Don, (who’s 90 years young) out on the farm lending his expertise, weather permitting!

To belong to the Shady Place Farm herd is to be born into healthy stock, graze on over 200 acres of lush pastures, and be treated like pets!  The cattle are born here, raised here, and finished here on the farm on grass, hay, and corn that were also grown and harvested here on the farm.  They are given a “treat” in being supplemented with local brewer’s grains.  We never give our cattle growth hormones.  They are naturally raised and humanely treated.  We proudly sell our delicious beef in whole, half, and quarter sizes as well as in specialty cuts packages or individual pieces at the Madison County Tailgate Market in Mars Hill, NC. Contact us at our website: Phone #: 828-691-1728 or 828-768-4547

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Corners Knob Farm — James and Jamie Lounsbury

Live christmas trees

Corners Knob Farm has been in commercial operation since 1975. We raise more than twenty varieties of fruits and vegetables, with twelve acres currently under cultivation using low-spray farming practices. All produce sold is harvested within 24 hours of sale. This season we will have sweet corn, shiitake mushrooms, strawberries, to name a few. Corners Knob also offers Fraser fir Christmas trees during the holiday season. Contact us at 828-380-9919.

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Root Bottom Farm

Returning for their 2nd year…

Root Bottom Farm grows high-quality specialty crops including: weekly microgreens, herbs, flowers, vegetables and root crops. We LOVE garlic.

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Appleberry Cove Farm

Appleberry Cove Farm is owned and operated by the Mickey Family. We are located at the northern end of Madison County near Big Bald Mountain and the Wolf Laurel/Wolf Ridge Resort areas at an elevation of over 4000 ft. We harvest most of our fruits, berries, wild edibles, herbs, flowers, and planted vegetables from the woods, hills, and vales that make up our 18 acre mountain farm. The fresh colorful eggs are produced by a variety of heavy breed chickens that roam around the farm and pastures with our small milking herd of La Mancha and Nubian dairy goats. Our dairy herd is USDA certified and accredited as a disease free herd. We are also a NCDA registered pet food distributor of 100% pure goat milk which is available in one quart and one gallon sized containers. In addition, we offer a fabulous assortment of handmade confections: crunchy candies, brittles, lollipops, and a lovely variety of rich delicious chocolate fudges and truffles that are made with natural ingredients such as goat milk, cheese, berries and nuts from many local sources. New products from the goat that are under development for 2012 are cheeses from a local dairy that we season and craft in our own special way to make them unique and delicious and our very own handmade natural goat milk & honey and oatmeal based soaps for many different skin types –these soaps are slightly scented at most and are made with “good for your skin” ingredients. Please come visit us at the market or on our website at . If your family would like to visit us at the farm then please e-mail Sue at or call (828) 689-4812.

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Leaning Willow Farm

Leaning Willow Farm is located in the Walnut Creek Community of Madison County NC. We raise a diversity of produce, free range eggs, and offer a variety of plant starts in the spring; we also work with local chefs to provide produce according to their menu needs. All of our vegetables are grown free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We raise Olde English Babydoll Sheep, a heritage breed, with lambs available for purchase in late spring. We tend our farm with pride and are committed to providing our community with fresh, wholesome food. Contact us at

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Notorious Coffee Roasting Companybanner for notorious coffee

Notorious Coffee Roasting Company, LLC, is located in Marshall, NC, just outside of Asheville. Owner Jeff Lowe began roasting and selling custom-roasted coffee in 2004.We are dedicated to the craft of artisan coffee roasting. We roast to order, which means you choose the coffee origin and intensity of roast: Light, City, French, or Espresso. If you prefer, we can also custom blend a coffee that suits your own unique tastes. Contact us: Jeff Lowe, Notorious Coffee Roasting Co., LLC 828-575-4150 or or

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Mackey Farms

The family of the Mackey Farm

Mackey Farm Family

A family farm in Madison County, proudly producing several varieties of hydroponic lettuce, available year-round. We also grow cabbages and other greens, sweet corn, sorghum cane, and mushrooms. Farm-fresh eggs and free range poultry and pork are also available. New this year, we will have rabbits by mid-summer. Stop by and see us at the market and try our home-cooked pork barbecue, you’ll be glad you did! Contact us at

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Sunset Valley Farm

Sunset Valley

Photo credit: ASAP

We are a small five generation farm specializing in gourmet canned goods made with old family recipes plus a few new twists of our own.  We have a wide variety of jams including breakfast,hot & spicy, herb jellies and balsamic spreads.  We make herb blends, dip mixes and herb vinegars.This year we will have potted herb plants and hopefully fresh figs.

Contact us at 828-680-9890.

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Sweet Betty Bee’s Honey & Hive

Lyne and Ed Vendely operate Sweet Betty Bee’s, a Certified Naturally Grown farm in the Big Pine area of Madison County, producing honey, honey soaps, and beeswax products. Our honey is unheated and unfiltered, leaving intact its amazing nutritional composition. Minimal straining removes larger particles while allowing pollens to remain, though we also offer a limited quantity of really raw honey in the natural comb. We practice organic principles to the greatest extent possible by finding alternatives to pesticides and antibiotics when caring for our hives. Additionally, we do not feed corn syrup or sugar to our bees. We see our apiaries as a partnership with the bees and with the whole of Mother Nature. Healthier, happier bees make better honey! Contact us at or

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Three Graces Dairy

In antiquity the Three Graces brought beauty, mirth and hospitality to the Gods…Our Three Graces – the goat, the sheep and the cow give us the exquisite milks that are the source and inspiration for our French-style cheeses. Ferguson Farm is an historic farm located in the Shelton Laurel area of Western North Carolina. We offer “farmstead” cheeses, meaning all our products are made with milk from our own animals, on the farm where the animals are raised. All of our “farm pets” are generously provided a diet of healthful grain, supplements and free-range pastures managed without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Our farm is a small scale multi-tasking environment employing local people who share with us their knowledge of the community and their wisdom in all things land and animal. Contact us at

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R Mountain Farm

R Mountain Farm is a small family farm in Mars Hill. We have angora goats, alpaca, sheep, chickens, guineas & now ducks. This will be our first summer as a vendor at the Madison County Market. We have handspun yarns and some handcrafted items from our fiber animals. Our birds provide us with beautiful feathers that we use to create wreaths, hair clips, earrings and more. At the market, we will offer feather home accessories and jewelry, art, cards, dog & cat treats. Follow us on Facebook at R Mountain Farm.

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Long Valley

Zeke and Courtney Filiss grow a variety of heirloom vegetables, fruits and cut flowers without the use of petrochemical fertilizers or pesticides. The farm is located in Madison County about 3 miles from the NC/TN line. Both Zeke and Courtney have been gardening since childhood, and have been selling at local tailgate markets for the last six years. Long Valley offers the typical market variety of spring and summer favorites, and bountiful bouquets, with the unique addition of fresh watercress. Enjoy their products through CSA, tailgate markets, local specialty stores and area restaurants.

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April’s Handmade Items

April’s Handmade Items is a new addition for 2015. They make quality soaps, lip balms, body balm, candles and bath salts. They use only quality ingredients including olive oil and coconut oil.

You can find more information  on her facebook page.  Click  HERE

Maple Hill Farm

table at market with tinsures

Maple Hill Farm is a family farm that specializes in herbal tinctures and salves. Our herbs are either wildcrafted or cultivated using natural, organic, sustainable growing techniques. All of our herbs are gathered at their peak potency, and are ethically harvested to ensure they will continue to thrive. We have a variety of herbal tonics to support different systems of the body. For example we have a Woman’s reproductive and hormone support, Heart support, and Immune support tonics just to name a few. We also grow a few varieties of herbal starts to plant in your own garden, and beautiful houseplants to freshen the air in your home.

Heather has been practicing herbalism for 16 years, and attended the Natural Healing Institute. She completed the Master Clinical Herbalist program as a student of Steve Schecter.
We also have hand woven baskets by Brynn (our 14 year old daughter). These baskets are crafted from the abundance of kudzu, wild grape vine, and honeysuckle vine that grow in our mountains.
We are expanding our Shitake mushroom log production, and will have more mushrooms available as the seasons progress.
Stop by our table and see what we have currently, as our products change with the seasons.

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Mountain Country Cookies and Breads

Returning for the 2015 season..
Cookies, breads and other baked goodies made with real butter, farm fresh eggs, local honey, and lots of love. Party platters and individual orders.

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Meadow Cove Farm
Our ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project) affiliated farm is located on Dula Springs Road in Weaverville and we grow a wide variety of berries and seasonal vegetables.  We are rejoining the Madison County Farmers & Artisans Tailgate market in Mars Hill for the 2014 season and will be initially offering a salad mix consisting of different lettuces, spinach, rainbow chard, endive, arugula and cress.  Other cool season crops including radishes, turnips, kale, collards and greens will soon be available.  As the season progresses, we will be selling edible pod sugar snap peas, strawberries, black raspberries and many kinds of unusual and heirloom vegetables.  We will also be offering assorted chicken eggs and fresh shiitake mushrooms.
Please visit our website at and visit us on Facebook .  E-mail us at or call us at (828)-658-0294 for more information.

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