Meet A Vendor: Fox Run Farm & Rabbitry

Since 2016, our family farm has been raising heritage chickens, Barred Rocks, and heritage rabbits, Silver Foxes. Our pasture raised chickens are fed non-GMO fermented grains. We use non-GMO pellets, fodder and garden-fresh greens for our rabbits. This year we are making the switch to organic feed.

Along with our chickens and rabbits, we have two goats and Livestock Guardian Dogs. After getting the pastures fenced this year, we will be adding Spanish Goats, a heritage meat breed, to our farm.

Musicians! This Is Your Big Break!

It’s a well-kept secret that the Beatles got their start playing at the Saturday morning farmers market in Liverpool. Mars Hill is a lot like Liverpool. And who knows? You may be a lot like the Beatles.

And, can you believe it, the Mars Hill Farmers and Artisans Market is now scouting for musicians and musical groups to play at the market on Saturday mornings. That’s once a week! And what musician doesn’t love that coveted Saturday morning slot?

The market season runs from April to mid December—that’s about 33 openings, and so a wide variety of performers is needed to fill out those openings throughout the season.  Are there any oompah bands out there? It’s been so long since I’ve heard any real trombones. Come on down, you one-man bands, calliope players, hurdy gurdy guys or gals, alpenhorn blowers, and bagpipers. You 8th-grade kazoo combos. You family acts and dog acts, bass flautists, and flugelhorn floggers. Bring on the banjos. Remember, the market is an upbeat family venue so no rapping about you-know-what and no screaming lyrics about the other you-know-what.

Accepted performers are expected to be present at the market from 9 to noon. The market supplies a canopy and a power cord. Bring your own chair. Performers will be paid $10 in market bucks, redeemable at any of the market vendors. A tip jar is okay, as is selling your CDs or logo stuff.

Contact Us and tell us about your music, include a link to an audio or video recording (if possible), and give us your available dates, and we’ll get back to you.